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We service all areas within a reasonable distance and can bring our equipment to your location and arrive on schedule. We stay in constant communication with our customers to let them know when we will arrive. Call us today for a quote on tree services, landscaping or any other services we offer that is needed on your property!


Tree Services

Is a tree blocking your view? Are you worried about a tree falling on your structure? Stop worrying and call Barkbusters Tree & Landscaping for residential or commercial tree services in the Monterey, TN area. When it comes to tree work, our company has the desire and strong work ethic to get the job done right the first time. We can raise a tree canopy, thin out heavy brush, remove unwanted stumps, and/or remove the trees on your property with ease, regardless of the size or type of tree(s) you have


Hemlock Treatment

For more than half a century, the hemlock woolly adelgid (HWA) has been crawling its way through the Appalachian Mountains and beyond. This tiny insect sucks the sap from hemlock twigs, causing crown dieback and eventual death. Today, this invasive pest covers about half of the range of eastern hemlock from Georgia to New England, and it isn’t stopping. The ability to clone itself thousands of times results in the decimation of large stands of hemlock.
This insect arrived in our area of Putnam and Cumberland counties several years ago multiplying and beginning the damage.  Our hemlock will be dead or dying within the next few years.  Infestation is beginning to show with declining trees in some areas. 
There is research under way to introduce predator beetles and other insects that eat adelgids, but that is a long term solution that will take much longer than we have.  The obvious sign of infestation are small fluffy white egg sacks on limbs with needles. Trees begin to lose needles over the next few years with eventual death.
We still have healthy trees worthy of treating against the insects. This is the only way to retain hemlocks in your landscape at this time. Treatment consists of an insecticide applied around the trunk on the ground and is effective for five years.
Treatment Season runs October through May.  If interested in getting further information on costs and scheduling treatment please contact


Emergency Services

Turn to Barkbusters Tree & Landscaping for emergency tree removal services in Monterey, TN and surrounding areas. Our employees are standing by 24/7 to remove hazardous trees without delay. Whether a tree has already fallen on your property or is starting to lean, call us out to remove it. You can count on us to arrive at your home or place of business quickly and get to work removing your hazardous trees. We have the equipment needed to remove trees of all sizes. Reach out to us right away to arrange for emergency tree services!